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HI-TECH Swing Tray Oven

HI-TECH Swing Tray Oven

Among the range of products offered by AG Industries Hi-Tech Swing Tray Oven is one of the major equipments.  We have developed our own product, Hi Tech Swing Tray Oven (Patented Pending), designed by in-house engineers and fabricated by our skilled labors, which has an upper edge on other Swing Tray Ovens due to its fuel efficiency, Higher Capacity and Drastic Improvement in the product’s texture and crumb color. These Ovens are available only in higher capacities from 45,000 to 80,000 SL of 400 gms per day.

Hi-Tech Swing Tray Oven is equipped with a high-pressure Oil / Gas burner automatically controlled by a digital temperature controller and timer. During baking a good quantity of moisture remains in baking chamber to give excellent finish to the product. Our professionals on standard parameters as well as on the customer specifications design these hi-tech swing tray ovens. These swing trays are manufactured using raw materials procured from trusted sources, by highly skilled workforce and professionals in state of the art manufacturing units.  Hi-Tech Swing Tray Ovens are preferred over the traditional ovens due to its fuel efficiency, higher capacity, yeast saving and better outcome in texture and crumb color. These require low maintenance and can easily withstand heavy duty.  


  • Robust construction
  • Maximum insulation
  • Various capacity from 45,000 SL to 80,000 SL of 400 gms each per day ( 24 hours working)
  • Oven chain can be hand-cranked in an emergency
  • No fatigue to workers as loading and unloading is done on one oven tray at a time
  • Scientifically built to ensure even spread of heat across the oven for proper cooking Precise engineering