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Dough Bowl Lift

Dough Bowl Lift is one of the premium products of AG Industries. These are designed to lift and tilt bowls of various capacities and thus making work more automatic and hygienic.


Dough Bowl Lift Device helps in making work easier and saves space in bakeries. This device allows efficient movement of the bowls as per the requirement and hence makes the work smoother and easier.  This helps in lifting and tilting of the bowls at different heights and different directions easier. Dough bowl lifting device makes unloading of the dough or flour mixture a less complicated task.
We use best raw material available procured from trusted sources to manufacture quality products. A single device can have multiple clamps to hold more than one bowl and empty the bowl at the point of discharge.


  • Easy maintenance
  • Robust construction
  • Lifting and discharging at various heights Easy to operate